Getting a Puppy – What To Consider

Meet our puppy Scout!

An exciting time in life tends to be some sort of step you are taking to further throw yourself into adulthood; whether it be finding the person you want to spend your life with, moving in with a significant other, graduating college, getting a full-time job, getting engaged, getting married, or some other scary and exciting step in life. I currently have many exciting steps happening, in this exciting and scary chapter of my life. I already live with my significant other, I recently started my very own small business, and we just got a puppy! Today I am going to share with you the things we considered when getting a puppy and some tips on how to determine if you are ready for this step as well. 

            Some of the things my boyfriend and I discussed when making the decision to get a puppy were money, sacrifice, time availability, breed maintenance, training, and our living situation. I’m not going to say these are the only things that need to be talked about because everyone is different, but these topics worked for us. 


            You must always remember that puppies cost money; it’s not just the initial investment. You have to buy food, toys, keep them groomed, and take them to the vet. This requires you to be stable with the bills you already have and have money left over that will cover these things. 


            You need to be able to sacrifice sleep in the beginning of a puppy’s life. A puppy wakes up in the middle of the night in the beginning of their life, so be sure you are willing to lose some sleep. Another sacrifice that needs to be made is making trips short if both of you are going. My boyfriend and I used to take our sweet old time when going grocery shopping, but now we go in with a plan so that we can get home to our pup.

Time availability 

            This is a major one, my boyfriend and I didn’t want to get a dog if the two of us were both going to be working eight-hour days. We didn’t want to put the poor baby in her crate for that long. This was actually a pretty easy topic for the two of us to discuss because I babysit early in the morning for about 2 hours and then come home to work in my pottery studio, so she will easily be able to spend the day hanging with me in my studio. 

            If you do work an eight-hour day, be sure to consider the breed you are looking into or maybe leaving them in their own bedroom. My boyfriend and I got a golden retriever and she has quite a bit of energy. We take her for long walks two times a day, as well as, playing with her throughout the day. We can’t imagine other breeds who require much more exercise. Be sure to find out what amount of exercise your breed requires. 

Breed Maintenance 

            Like I said above, the maintenance on a dog depends on the breed you decide on getting. We have a golden who requires a decent amount of exercise per day, as well as brushing, playing with her, and plenty of affection. Look into what your breed requires and consider if you are willing to do all of those things; if not, maybe consider a different breed that fits your lifestyle better. 


            This is another thing that takes some time, but will only last for the beginning of a puppy’s life. We have been teaching our dog all of the commands and habits we want her to know and have as an adult, things like sit, stay, come, lay down, no bite, etc. This is very repetitive, but well worth it in the end. Be sure you are willing to train your puppy because you need to teach them how you will expect them to behave; this includes generally and when guests come over. You want to be sure that you teach your dog that it is normal to have people coming over to visit. There is obviously much more to training your puppy, like potty training, so be sure to research different tactics and find what works best for you! 

Living Situation 

            We also talked about what our living situation was. We live in a family owned apartment and have a lot of land around the building as well. We live in farm country and we’re very excited for Scout to grow up running in the field behind our apartment. Something we had to discuss was if we were willing to get a dog and pretty much erase any option of renting in the future; it is very difficult to rent when you have a dog, many places don’t accept pets (at least where we live). This is definitely something everyone should look at. Obviously owning a house would be the best possible situation because you don’t have to worry about following a landlords rules, but if you already live in an apartment, you may not be able to have pets or if you are planning on renting in the future, you need to consider the difficulty of finding an apartment that will allow you to have a dog. 

With all of those topics mentioned, I believe we are at the end of this post. I hope you enjoyed and that this post helped you decide on getting a puppy! If you have any puppy related questions or conversation to add, comment down below, I would love to start a conversation.

Bye for now, Caitie

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